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2,200 homes are being built on TFN land adding approximately 5,200 new residents. The Southlands development will add 900 homes and approximately 2,000 new residents. With redevelopment of the Town Center Mall (750 new residents?) we are adding 8,000 residents onto our current population of 21,000 for almost a 40% increase in population over the next 10-15 years.

All this with no current plans to fix the infrastructure problems like bridge/tunnel, rapid transit and two roads in and out of Tsawwassen. 

Most tsawwassen residents are not anti development. Our group agrees that the lower mainland is one of the most attractive places in the world to live and with limited buildable land, some densification is inevitable. A 40% increase in population is ALREADY APPROVED. Before we start adding variances all over the place and destroying single family neighbourhoods it makes sense to absorb this 40% increase and see where that leaves us. The rush to develop every single piece of land without thought to what that does to quality of life and liveability is puzzling. The process is stacked against the residents and for the developers. They only way to make sure our community is responsibly developed is to band together as residents.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has”

— Margaret Mead


The Tsawwassen Action Group seeks to represent the broad diversity of Tsawwassen residents and educate members of the public on the true impacts of city planning directions and decisions.  Our overarching goal is to work on developing and maintaining a livable, affordable and human scale community that works for all residents.  

TAG members and its executive seek to take part in planning discussions through City of Delta. The group is not anti development but wants citizen input into zoning applications and demands that the City of Delta adhere to the Official Community Plan

Why you should join

This is your chance to provide feedback to decision-makers and make a meaningful impact on major initiatives which will affect your community, while being assured that the feedback is coming exclusively from residents like yourself, and not from those living outside your area.

What we will be doing:

1) Lobbying council to listen to the needs of the residents. The development community is well organized and fights hard and has unlimited resources. We the residents can take the power back if we are unified, loud, alert, and engaged. Apathy is our enemy. We must be relentless and fight vigorously.

2) Exposing conflicts of interest and ensuring that the law is followed

3) Engaging the community through social media to ensure we have a better turnout at public hearings and we have a clear message. Developers and realtors do this for a living so we the residents are easy prey. If we are organized we stand a far better chance of having our voices heard